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Android Software Engineer. Interested in mobile development. In love with Jetpack Compose

Animation in an application has a significant role because it helps to provide a better user experience and makes your application more attractive.

Jetpack Compose provides a nice API for creating animations in our application. We can do any type of animation, for example, alpha or scale animations. …

All Android apps display state to the user. A few examples of state in Android apps:

  • Show AlertDialog when some work is done
  • All animations that appears in application
  • Open or close NavigationDrawer or BottomSheet

Today we will learn how to store our app state in Jetpack Compose.

As you…

Jetpack Compose provides many tools for creating UI. With Jetpack Compose you can easily create an MVP of your project, and see how it looks. For example, to create a list in Android in the usual way, we should use RecyclerView. And of course, we need to create an adapter…

As we can see Jetpack Compose grows like crazy. Last week they announced that Jetpack Compose went to Beta! Today we will talk about how to create bottom sheets in Jetpack Compose.

To implement the bottom sheet, we need to use BottomSheetScaffold. It was annotated as an ExperimentalApi, so to…

In the post before we learned how to create Shapes with cut corners. Today we will continue and add some new functionality such as rounded corners to our ShapeableView.

In previous examples, we had two corner types which were CUT and NONE.

Declarative way programming becomes so popular nowadays. There are a lot of frameworks such as Flutter, SwiftUI, JetPack Compose which use this way of programming. Until recently Flutter and SwiftUI were the only frameworks that allow you to develop cross-platform applications using the same codebase. …

In the previous story, I talked about how to create a different types of shapes in Jetpack Compose.

In Material Components we have a widget called ShapeableImageView. Today we will create the Composable View that allows having a different type of corners

In Material Components we have a widget called…

There are times when when we need to create views with custom forms. For example card with rounded corners, or message view in our chat application. Jetpack Compose provides various tools for creating a different type of shapes without any difficulties.


Canvas is a component that allows us to draw…


“Jetpack Compose is a modern toolkit for building native Android UI. Jetpack Compose simplifies and accelerates UI development on Android with less code, powerful tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs”. — Android Developers

As we can see nowadays mobile development changes so fast, and many frameworks and tools now available to…

When started to develop application for both platforms, I faced with problem that localize both apps taking so much time and it is not effective way. I tried various of online services but every of them has disadvantages or not worked as I want. So i decided to write my own application that converts Localizable.strings to strings.xml and also from strings.xml to Localizable.strings.

The application written completely on Kotlin with JavaFX to user interface.

The main features of application is

  1. Support different file extentions: .xml .strings .csv
  2. Show parsed key value pairs in user friendly interface

Rasul Aghakishiyev

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