How to transfer app localization from IOS to Android

Rasul Aghakishiyev
1 min readApr 28, 2020


When started to develop application for both platforms, I faced with problem that localize both apps taking so much time and it is not effective way. I tried various of online services but every of them has disadvantages or not worked as I want. So i decided to write my own application that converts Localizable.strings to strings.xml and also from strings.xml to Localizable.strings.

The application written completely on Kotlin with JavaFX to user interface.

The main features of application is

  1. Support different file extentions: .xml .strings .csv
  2. Show parsed key value pairs in user friendly interface
The interface of the application

Feel free to use it and write issues if you have some troubles with it.

Hope it will be useful for you!

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